Zap A Mole

Zap A Mole

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Test your skills on this new style Giant Inflatable Zap-A-Mole Game Rental. Two players compete at a time testing their hand and eye coordination. This Giant Inflatable Zap-A-Mole Game Rental has 2 sets of interactive light systems with one set being green the other set being red. The first player to tap the flashing lights on there side of the game to equal the score of 25, 50, or 100 is the winner. The Giant Inflatable Zap-A-Mole Game Rental has a unique scoring system that counts how many times you hit your color. BEWARE this game is highly addictive and will keep your guests busy for hours. All our interactive competitive game rentals are meant to be a high energy fast paced games.

Product dimensions: Length: 10-ft length x 8-ft width x 7-ft tall

Watch this game in action.

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